Monkey Business – just like our name, our designs are tongue-in-cheek, fun and reflect our attitude to life. Our innovative, hand-printed designs make a bold statement, and our ‘all over’ prints and graphics allow you to stamp your personality on your wardrobe.

Our ever evolving designs mean that there is always something new, and yet those tried and trusted favourites are always available.

Our latest creations feature custom embroidery to add another dimension to our trademark look.

No compromise – quality and quantity

Our business model allows us to keep one step ahead of the competition. Having thousands of designs broadens our market appeal, while high quality keeps customers coming back.

Because of our digital printing capabilities, we are able to keep on top of our high demand, while allowing us to produce any item from our range. So everything is always in stock: if a customer has a favourite piece from three years ago, we can send it to them right alongside our most up to date design.

Like our designs, the company is always evolving to either add more clothing styles or methods of decoration. This fluid approach to business is what has allowed us to outlast most of our competitors and will keep us moving forward.

From London’s Shoreditch reaching out around the globe

Since its inception in 2013, Monkey Business has rapidly grown into a multinational clothing brand, exporting all across Europe, to the UAE and even Australia . Based in the creative hub of London’s fashionable Shoreditch, our talented team of designers are ideally placed to access the latest trends as well as creating our own. These are translated onto our trademark Ts, vests, dresses and caps.

We are investing in equipment to add more variety to our range,

Our current range is;


Check out our huge range of men’s tops and accessories:Tshirts sweatshirts, vests, shirts, hoodies, beanies and  more.We offer unconventional all over prints and statement pieces with a twist in the tail (see our lumberjack shirts with a printed patch back). Monkey Business is all about casual statement pieces with an anarchic feel: from the gothic to iconic rock styles with pop culture in between. Whatever the style, our youth brand is always edgy and unique.


Our women’s range covers all the classics plus a whole lot more. Tshirts, sweatshirts, vests, dresses, tops and knitwear. Iconic designs are played around with and given our own  inspired look. Think pop culture mixed with rock chick and goth chick. The result is sometimes playful, often surreal but always unconventional and highly wearable. Flirty and dirty with a cheeky attitude!


To complete the look, Monkey Business offers an ever-expanding range of accessories.
Snapbacks, baseball caps, beanies and bags,
As well as a huge range of plain block colours, we offer slogans, logos, classic animation, retro and hardcore. We’ve got all bases covered with plenty more to come.
That’s not all…As a business, we are continually investing in equipment to add more variety to our range. Watch this space!


If you would like to stock our range please contact us